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Jobs For Ex-Felons

The Road Before U.S.

Many view ex-felons/ex-offenders as a liability. They simply do not have any bottom line motivation to hire ex-felon/ex offender and in many instances the employers insurance provider will simply prohibit the hiring of those convicted of crimes. Federal laws bar ex-offenders from jobs at airports and prohibit drug offenders from receiving student loans and grants that could help them become more employable. In the private sector, landlords don't want to rent to them. Unions don't want them to join, cutting them off from better-paying skilled trade jobs. The stigma is debilitating. Current laws design to be tough on crime makes it difficult for ex-offenders to work in a variety of fields, including childcare, education, nursing and home heath care. Rules may also limit an ex-con's ability to get a license to practice such things as barbering, cosmetology and real estate. Ex-offenders have difficulty getting public housing and other public assistance such as food stamps.
The Redemption Song - Is there any other, As the Lords Prayer States

"Forgive Us


We Forgive Each Other."

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