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Quick Money because Money Matters

Money Matters

Lets face it. You are at this site because you need to pay bills. As you are know by now, it is difficult being a exfelon to get a job. Many different ideas are being thrown in your direction and you don't know what or who to trust. Hopefully, that is what this section will be about. An interactive section of those so call Quick Money Making ideas, openingly being experienced.

First real quick money through Job for ex-felons

The little things you need to kick off your job searching experience requires money, such as getting a Resume written by us. We suggest going on the internet a looking up quick gig jobs that you can find in the online classified sites such as Craigslist. But, here is an option for you.

Job For Ex-Felons has contacts in the Travel Industry. They are Whole Travel companies. They always need good potiental leads. People who like to travel. They are usually looking for couples married or living together, between the age of 30 - 70, who speaks fluent english, and makes over 50 K/yr combined gross household income. A good lead is worth $10.oo

If you live in any of the following cities, this might work out for you .
  • Denver, Co
  • Salt Lake City, Ut.
  • Sacramento, Ca.

* And these locations are subject to chance without notice.

If you are interested in this
Click Text Here and fill out the form.

Here is another one.

Know any one who want to buy an adjustable bed. $30 for each lead that sells.

If you are interested in this
Click Text Here and fill out the form.

Created on 02/11/2010 09:12 PM by gerry
Updated on 05/08/2011 01:47 AM by gerry
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